Joy's Birthday Party

I've said it before, but we just can't afford to "party it up" for every single birthday.  Since having children, we've had a little system of "party ever other year" going.  Even on the "party" year, I don't alway throw a big shebang, but we do invite a few guests and celebrate a little more than the "off" years.  

I...ahem...I mean,  Joy had a big ole party last year for her first birthday.  Click HERE to check it out.

This year we did things low key with just our family of five!  

We have a little tradition of going out to breakfast on birthdays.  It's fun for the whole fam!

After breakfast, we came home and Joy opened all of the gifts that family shipped to her. 

It doesn't matter how "low-key" our parties are, I love setting a pretty table and making birthdays special for my girls.  Typically, I buy some cheap cookie cake or cupcakes, but this year I did things even cheaper.  I made the cake.  Don't everyone jump for joy at once!  But really, this was a big thing for me because I'm not one for baking.  I was proud of the end result.

Like every little girl, Joy loves ELSA.  So I did my best to make a "Frozen" cake...

And when I say, "I made the cake",  I mean,  I followed the directions on the box.

Blue Velvet vanilla cake with purple buttercream icing! WOW!  That's a crazy cake.  It actually tasted great!

This little shin-dig cost me less than $10.  She'll never know that I didn't spend a fortune!

The birthday girl showing off her new Frozen clothes (from Gran) and her new Frozen flip flops (from Mamaw).  
She pitched a good walleyed fit when I took off her "pitty" clothes.


  1. Cute and sweet! I always have this conundrum every year because I always get excited about having a big party but then when it comes to pulling said party together, I get overwhelmed. So far my kids have loved all their parties. We have a lot of family that want to be part of the parties too. This year we are doing one party together since they have birthdays weeks apart. I just love the cake and she is so cute! Looks like she enjoyed her cake!

  2. She is adorable! That is a great idea about every other year!

  3. I think that's a great idea to do a big party every other year! It's fun to go all out but a more low-key party can be just as much fun and the littles enjoy it just as much I bet! Love the cake you made, so fun!

  4. So precious. And that cake!!
    I love the last pic of her new outfit!


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