Hear me out...I'm going to try really hard this school year to blog at least ONCE a week, but shoot for TWO.  I'm certainly not ready to give up on my ole' blog (and it is old...technically it's ancient in bloggy life--8 years old, y'all!)
I'll start my goal today with this FIVE on FRIDAY post.  


I've had a lot of home projects this summer:  painting the core living space of our home, redecorating, crafting, etc. 
Last week, I stumbled upon an incredible deal...
I got this awesome buffet, for just 100 bucks, y'all! (cruddy pic, sorry!)


I've been a busy bee working on Classical Conversations orientation, CC first days, and all things CC.  
tutor gifts

CC orientation handbooks

family goodies


Back to the home:
I painted my bed and now I want to update my whole room...




I took my old window and filled it with my favorite insta shots...


Happy Friday, y'all.  Oh...by the way, I'm so, so, so, so ready for this....


Happy Birthday!

My sweet Ava Grace is EIGHT years old today!!!
I made a collage of some of my favorite photos of my girl...


Joy Time

While the big girls were away visiting their grandparents and aunts and uncles, we got some serious Joy time!

Here's a recap:

She loved hanging out in their room.  She looks like a little FROZEN trucker in this pic.

Sunday pics just weren't the same without the big sisters.

Occasionally, we sent the big girls some pics of us.

No...she can't spell her name.

nature hikes up and down the driveway

rock collecting

and...playing dress up

Big sisters are back now so they are all three reunited one again!!!


Five Years a Texan

Today marks five years since our family moved to Texas to serve at Fellowship Bible Jacksonville. We give thanks to the Lord for our church family and the great work He is doing in and through His people.

I took this photo at Love's Lookout which is just across the street from our home.  It's a beautiful spot here in East Texas.