Hear me out...I'm going to try really hard this school year to blog at least ONCE a week, but shoot for TWO.  I'm certainly not ready to give up on my ole' blog (and it is old...technically it's ancient in bloggy life--8 years old, y'all!)
I'll start my goal today with this FIVE on FRIDAY post.  


I've had a lot of home projects this summer:  painting the core living space of our home, redecorating, crafting, etc. 
Last week, I stumbled upon an incredible deal...
I got this awesome buffet, for just 100 bucks, y'all! (cruddy pic, sorry!)


I've been a busy bee working on Classical Conversations orientation, CC first days, and all things CC.  
tutor gifts

CC orientation handbooks

family goodies


Back to the home:
I painted my bed and now I want to update my whole room...




I took my old window and filled it with my favorite insta shots...


Happy Friday, y'all.  Oh...by the way, I'm so, so, so, so ready for this....

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