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Our entryway has been through a lot of changes in the five years we've been in our house.  It's an awkward space and it's taken me a while to figure out how to use the space efficiently.  A couple of years ago, we decided to use the room as a breakfast nook/school space.  Now this room has a distinct purpose and and we enjoy spending time in it, too! 

I'm all about some BEFORE and AFTER pics.  Don't you just love them!?  I've compiled the pics of how this room has transformed through the years...

top right:  2010-11, top left:  20112-13, bottom right:  2013-15, bottom left:  present day

You may have seen the post about how I striped the wall behind the table.  If not, click HERE to check it out.  When I painted this summer, I debated whether or not to keep the stripes.  I like them and Graham likes them, so I kept them.  I really like the subtlety of the two colors together.  

Gallery wall:  silhouettes (Etsy) and I made Joy's, our wedding picture, the girls' dress they all wore home from the hospital (how-to: HERE), framed crochet gift of our family name

Several years ago, I took the Nester's challenge and tried to add plants throughout the house.  I love plants, but they don't like me.  Y'all!!!!! I killed every single solitary plant in that post!  Every. one.  But...soon after, I got this guy and he is still here with me!!!  I'm so proud of him!

I love natural elements.  My dad found this big stick in the woods behind our house--probably an old poison ivy vine. Ha!  I bleached it, let it dry, and hung it on the wall.  Simple and beautiful if you ask me!  It's probably my favorite thing in the entryway.

I hope y'all are enjoying my little home tour--imperfections and all.  I'm learning to love our home and embrace it.  Too often, we compare our homes to photos from Pinterest and design blogs of picture perfect spaces.  Fight the urge along with me and try to enjoy your home by adding your touch, your style, your likes, and your story. 
wall color: Sherwin Williams Tapestry Beige
wall color stripe: Valspar Woodlawn Snow
breakfast table/chairs: flea market and IKEA
mirror (guest always ask about that mirror): flea market
table paint: Annie Sloan chalk paint -Versailles
table lamp: Kirklands
buffet lamp: Target
flooring:  Lowe's Pergo MAX Manor Hickory Handscraped

rug (under table)
light fixture
paint book shelf

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