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Y'all!!!  *sigh* I hesitate to even write this post, but I'm gonna...

 ELF ON THE SHELF, Oh My!  Who knew people would have so many emotions and opinions regarding the silly elf.  I saw a FB post the other day that bashed the elf and then the comment section was filled with all kinds of hurt feelings, hateful words, mommy wars,  etc.  All I gotta say is, DO YOU!!!  People, just DO YOU!  You want to do the elf? By all means, DO THE ELF!  You don't want to do the elf? DON'T DO THE ELF!  You want to do your own version of the elf? DO IT!!!!  For crying out loud, just pu-leez stop-it with all of the feelings!!!  The part that frustrates me the most is all the Christians who judge other Christians for the elf shenanigans.  Come on!  This social media day and age literally wears me out!  Every. single. solitary. person. has an opinion and every. single. solitary. person. is entitled to it!  Even as I write this post, I am aware that you'll be blasted with mine.  Sorry.  :)

We do the elf. It's fun for our family! I'm NOT trying to persuade any one person to take on this elf thing.  I couldn't care less if you choose to do the elf or not.  Seriously!  Not one iota.  

Here's what Bernard has been up to so far...

*I checked the archives and I've written on this topic like 3 times so I guess you could call it a soapbox.  UNDER PRESSURE!!!!

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