Joy's Room

Like I shared last week, we just got new floors throughout the house.  For a number of reasons, this BIG change prompted us to swap the girls' rooms.

*Disclaimer:  My pics aren't great for this room....the yellow was hard to photograph.

Here's Joy's new room....

This room was an icy blue and I painted it a pale yellow.  It appears more yellow-y in the pics.

The little kitchen (Target) was AG's and it's been passed on down to each of my girls.

I recently purchased a 24'' wooden monogram for above Joy's bed.  I painted it pink and then distressed it a bit.

I'm a sucker for old books...especially children's books.

my childhood bed (painted)

I had a friend add some fabric to the top of her curtains to make them a little more dramatic and a longer.  I love how they turned out!

Na's childhood dresser (painted)

wall color: Sherwin William's Compatible Cream
bedding: *used* Pottery Barn
wall monogram: Etsy shop
most of the wall items came from antique/thrift stores
rug: Target
curtains: Pottery Barn and paisley fabric 

replace twin bed with a queen-sized or full-sized bed


Home Tour: AG & Edy's New Bedroom

Since we got new floors, I thought I'd update my home tour tab!

For starters, we moved Ava Grace and Edy Rose into Joy's room and moved Joy into their room. Just a little switch-a-roo! Why the change?  Eventually, we are thinking of putting all three in the same room (not to have more children!) and we don't want to move the bunk bed more than necessary.  

Click HERE to see their old room. 

With the switch, I made a few very inexpensive changes...

I've just loved Joy's pink walls, so I left them the same.  

I changed out the fabric on the NO CARPENTRY CORNICE BOARDS.  *still the most viewed post on this blog  

I used Joy's shelf (big girls' ladder shelf stayed in their old room) and left it yellow.  Eventually, I thought I might give it a wash with some stain to mute the yellow a tad.

The only bad thing about leaving the walls pink is that there is a lot of pink!!!  "...it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol." *name that movie! 

You may remember that this armoire was a creamsicle color.  I painted it cream and distressed it.  I love how some of the orange peeps through.  

Joy's rocking chair fits nicely in the corner and I added a little antique table (it was Pops' table) to hold their Bibles.

I distressed their name-letters for a more shabby look.  It feels more cohesive with their dresser and bed.

These letters were originally spray-painted hot pink.  I sanded them, rubbed them with stain, and then sprayed a little white paint on them.

I love how their little picture grouping turned out!

One of the hardest things to do was finding room in their closet.  Their old closet was much larger.  After lots of adjusting, I think I've finally found a way that works.

I'll be back soon to share Joy's new room!  I really, really like how her's turned out.

wall color: Valspar Baby Blush
armoire color: Valspar Barcelona White and bottom coat Valspar Peach Frenzy
bedding: Pottery Barn
rug: Walmart
cornice board fabric: Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts
flooring:  Lowe's - Pergo MAX Manor Hickory Handscraped
hang shelf in closet
distress bookshelf

Since I just got new floors, I feel kinda silly wishing for more.  I'm pretty content with their cute new room!
*maybe something shabby above their bookshelf ;)
*maybe one more flower above the bed (odd groupings are better than even, right?)

Our Joy His Glory Home Tour | Index


long. week.

This post is merely for documentation purposes.  We've had a long, tough, but exciting week all lumped into one and I need this for my records. ;) Here's a recap. A long, long recap...
*Two weeks ago today, Joy got a stomach bug. She was a very sick baby.
*That same day, Graham let me know that now was the time to purchase new floors.  MIND BLOWN!
*On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, Joy was so lethargic and puny that she would just doze off randomly...even sitting in her high chair.  I took her to the doctor.  They drew blood. It took two tries and that was tough. Blood work showed that she was dehydrated, had elevated liver enzymes, and had a bad virus.

*Thursday, contractors came to measure the house.

*Thursday night, the big girls start vomiting! 

*Friday, I purchased the flooring and got the installation booked!

*The girls laid around all day trying to recoup.

*I completely cleaned out our shed, garage, and attic.

*Saturday, Graham took AG and Edy to Texarkana.  Na met them there and took the girls on to Conway for their traditional spring break at Na and Pop's!

*Saturday night, Graham and I unloaded the girls' room.  What a mess! What a mess!! ...and I call myself a NEAT FREAK.

*The walls were so dingy and yuck that I repainted them.

*Sunday night, we continued unloading the contents of our home into our garage.  

*After deciding to swap the girls' rooms when we moved back in, I revamped their armoire.  I knew orange wouldn't look good with the pink walls in their new room.

It was originally oak.  I stained it espresso about eight years ago.  Then, I painted it orange a few years back.

This time, I painted it cream, sanded it, and rubbed it with stain.  I really like how it turned out.

*Last Monday, I got a call from Lowe's saying they wouldn't be able to drop off our wood due to the weather.  I was so upset.  You see...that wood needs to sit inside for 48 hours to acclimate and the contractors were set to start on Wednesday.  I pleaded and pleaded with Lowe's to make arrangements to get it here.  Thankfully, they rented a Penske truck, dropped it off, and unloaded it by hand in the pouring rain.

*Meanwhile, Joy went back to the doctor for another blood check.  After two blown veins, screaming, vomiting, and lots of prodding, they finally got her blood drawn.

*Monday night, Graham got the stomach bug.

*Tuesday, Graham spent the day recuperating.  Corey came down to help me around the house.

*Tuesday night, I painted a TON of quarter round. A TON.

*On Wednesday, the guys came to install the floors.  They worked SO fast!!!!


We were able to move all the girls furniture back in after DAY ONE!


*I tidied up the girls' rooms. (better pics to come)

*At the end of DAY TWO the guys had our room and closet completed.  That night, Graham and I moved back into our bedroom and finally got to sleep on our bed!


*I don't have pics (videos to come), but the guys completely finished our house on DAY THREE.  That night, Graham and I (and a friend) moved everything from the garage to the house.

*Saturday, I spent the day cleaning.  It was a really, really long day.

*Saturday night, I went to bed with everything in its place and a completely spotless house.  It was such a good feeling.  

*After church on Sunday, I got a wild hair to paint an old cabinet that had been in the girls' old room.  (I counted and I've given this cabinet five makeovers!)

I've been needing more room for homeschooling materials so this cabinet will really come in handy!

*Sunday night, I got my girls back!!!  They absolutely loved their new room!!!!  They loved the floors.  

*Slowly but surely, I am puttying and painting the nail holes on the quarter round.  Other than that, everything is back together and we are so pleased.

*Joy's blood work clotted so they will be taking another sample this week.  Please keep her (and us) in your thoughts and prayers.

*I am going to try and upload a few video house tours.  Hopefully, I can get them posted in the next few days.