Sunday Pics | March-April

We have never had the privilege of living in the same town as our extended family.  Actually, that's the main reason why this ole' blog got its start.  In 2007, I had just become a mom for the first time and our sweet Ava Grace was the first grandchild for both sides of the family.  Most of my posts were all about AG.  As technology progressed, I began to share more and more through texting.  Each Sunday, for at least 4 years but maybe even longer, I have taken a pic of my girls and sent it out to all of our extended family. * I rarely miss a Sunday*  It's the traditional Sunday Pic as we like to call it.  

It's been a while since I shared some Sunday Pics on the blog.  Here are some I took in March and April:
I'm nostalgic and these pics fill my need to preserve memories and capture my growing and changing little girls!  I hope we can keep them up for a long time!  Maybe my girls will pass the tradition on to their families--probably using some new-fangled camera or whatever! :)

Click HERE to check out some old Sunday pics.  


Texas Bluebonnets

Y'all the bluebonnets are out and just as breathtaking as ever.  Per usual, I took the girls out for some pics...


Easter 2015

Here's our Easter recap...

baskets of goodies

table prep

We had our good friends, the Moore's, and Uncle Corey and Faith for Easter lunch.

The meal turned out to be wonderful!  Ham, salad, Easter egg salad, potato salad, baked beans, fruit pizza, derby pie, cherry cheesecake bites--every bite was yum!

My girls weren't in the mood for pics. (The theme continued the rest of the day.)

It rained and rained, but that didn't stop us from having a great egg hunt!

relaxing after lunch

Easter through the years.  *2009 cracks me up.  It looks like we suddenly had twins, but I just had a collage of two pics (one with Graham and AG and one with me and AG)