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Our entryway has been through a lot of changes in the five years we've been in our house.  It's an awkward space and it's taken me a while to figure out how to use the space efficiently.  A couple of years ago, we decided to use the room as a breakfast nook/school space.  Now this room has a distinct purpose and and we enjoy spending time in it, too! 

I'm all about some BEFORE and AFTER pics.  Don't you just love them!?  I've compiled the pics of how this room has transformed through the years...

top right:  2010-11, top left:  20112-13, bottom right:  2013-15, bottom left:  present day

You may have seen the post about how I striped the wall behind the table.  If not, click HERE to check it out.  When I painted this summer, I debated whether or not to keep the stripes.  I like them and Graham likes them, so I kept them.  I really like the subtlety of the two colors together.  

Gallery wall:  silhouettes (Etsy) and I made Joy's, our wedding picture, the girls' dress they all wore home from the hospital (how-to: HERE), framed crochet gift of our family name

Several years ago, I took the Nester's challenge and tried to add plants throughout the house.  I love plants, but they don't like me.  Y'all!!!!! I killed every single solitary plant in that post!  Every. one.  But...soon after, I got this guy and he is still here with me!!!  I'm so proud of him!

I love natural elements.  My dad found this big stick in the woods behind our house--probably an old poison ivy vine. Ha!  I bleached it, let it dry, and hung it on the wall.  Simple and beautiful if you ask me!  It's probably my favorite thing in the entryway.

I hope y'all are enjoying my little home tour--imperfections and all.  I'm learning to love our home and embrace it.  Too often, we compare our homes to photos from Pinterest and design blogs of picture perfect spaces.  Fight the urge along with me and try to enjoy your home by adding your touch, your style, your likes, and your story. 
wall color: Sherwin Williams Tapestry Beige
wall color stripe: Valspar Woodlawn Snow
breakfast table/chairs: flea market and IKEA
mirror (guest always ask about that mirror): flea market
table paint: Annie Sloan chalk paint -Versailles
table lamp: Kirklands
buffet lamp: Target
flooring:  Lowe's Pergo MAX Manor Hickory Handscraped

rug (under table)
light fixture
paint book shelf

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five on friday

I love it when I have some time to jump on the Friday Five blog train!  


For starters, could this be true?

Don't toy with my emotions, Netflix?


straight-up momma-mode


nailed it.


my person.


stormy weather headed to East Texas

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I had some time this week to update the Home Tour Tab. Click HERE to check out the living room and Joy's bedroom pics.


Pumpkin Patch thru the Years

Pumpkin Patch 2015

This time of the year it's a given that you venture out to a pumpkin patch--especially if you have kiddos.  

We always have such a good time and this year was no exception...

pumpkin patch family foto

Yesterland has a growing Christmas tree farm.  I love this photo of JoJo walking through the tree farm with her pumpkins (she carried them all day).

Y'all, this slide was FAST--too fast.  I REFUSE to post the video of me actin' a fool.

almost as tall as the man

Snapped this shot while we were lost in the corn maze.

apple catapult

We were glad to have Na along for our annual pumpkin patch trip!


Home Tour | Living Room

Yesterday, I shared some updates to Joy's room.  Click HERE to check out the post.  Today, I'll take you on a tour of my living room.  

**Remember:  Blogland is filled with homes that look like something from a magazine.  Goodness!  Some of those pics are found in magazines--books even.  I enjoy making my house a home, but I'm no interior designer--though I aspired to be one early on in college.  That being said, I also took a few courses on the route to becoming a dental hygienist, too.  So...yeah...I'm no more an interior designer than I am a dental hygienist.  Decorating is fun for me. I break many of the "rules" and fake it a lot!  I'm learning to embrace my home--imperfections and all!

All of that to say, I'm trying to give you an honest glance around our home. Not every room in my house is "done", but frankly, it'll never be done.  It's constantly changing and evolving as my our needs/likes/wants change.  

Here's my living room:

In March, we completed a major and much needed home update.  Every single stitch of carpet and most of the tile was ripped up, tossed, and we added Pergo MAX throughout the entire house minus the bathrooms and laundry room.  We've been very happy with the flooring we chose.  We looked into hardwoods, hardwood-style ceramic tile, vinyl, but the best choice for our family was Pergo.  Pergo is really resilient and very hard to scratch or damage so that was one of the main reasons we went with it. 

When we added new flooring, the dark gray walls made our living room feel like a cave.

Below is a pic of the wall color before I repainted:

Valspar:  Wet Pavement

I loved the old color, but it really didn't work with the dark floors.  

Below is a pic of the lighter, brighter wall color:

Sherwin Williams: Tapestry Beige

Notice how the wall decor really pops with the lighter walls!?  I'm in love with it.  

I love to decorate with items that have a story.  That's why I love my wooden bowls.  Graham brought me the larger bowl back from one of his trips to Nicaragua and the little wooden bowl is made from a pecan tree that stood in front of Graham's grandparents' home.  

I love the mix of traditional, rustic, shabby, simple country, with  a touch of glam.  I guess that's my take on eclectic style.

I found this old window at Canton last year and it originally hung above the fireplace.  After repainting the walls, I moved it next to my piano and used it to display some of my favorite Instagram shots.

After some thought and your suggestions, I painted the tile on my fireplace....


Thanks for the input.  Click HERE to see the before pics.  

I am not finished with this project, but I am pressing "pause" until after the holidays.

I'd like to add ship lap above my fireplace and replace the woodwork with a natural wooden (more rustic) mantel.

Here is some of my inspiration:

I hope y'all are enjoying my little home tour--imperfections and all.  Like I've said over and over on my blog, I'm learning to love our home and embrace it.  Too often, we compare our homes to photos from Pinterest and design blogs of picture perfect spaces.  Fight the urge along with me and try to enjoy your home by adding your touch, your style, your likes, and your story.  

wall color: Sherwin Williams Tapestry Beige
wooden end table: Home Goods
coffee table: junk that I refinished
buffet lamps: Kirklands
TV buffet: Annie Sloan chalk paint -Versailles
antique "sofa table":  Waverly Chalk Paint - Oatmeal
curtains: TJ MAXX
flooring: Lowes - Pergo MAX Manor Hickory Handscraped
pillow shams: IKEA

larger sofa table; update fireplace with new mantel, tile and shiplap

cowhide rug

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Home Tour | Joy's Room

It's been a while since I've posted "around the house" pics so I finally got my camera out and snapped a few.  Some weeks ago, I mentioned that I've been working on sprucing up the house.  I've repainted the living room (pics to come), I've updated the fireplace (thanks for the tips!), I've rearranged, and on and on and on.  As Graham always points out, "this house will never be 'done'."  Ain't that the truth!?!  I find happiness in rearranging, decorating,  painting, and changing things up.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Recently, I rearranged Joy's room.  Here are the changes...

I moved her bed out from the wall because she hasn't had trouble transitioning to a twin bed.  She's never fallen out and I'm sick of that bed being smashed up against the wall.  

I. can't even.  I just adore this little piano.  It was a gift from my Gran when I was itty bitty and now it's my girls'.  Our home alarm is super sensitive and they've banged the heck out of this thing and triggered the alarm numerous times!  :) That's one solid toy!

Hand-embroidered pillow cases passed down from Mamaw--yes please!

I'll be back in a few days to give more updates from around the house, the fireplace update, some touches of fall, our trip to the pumpkin patch, and what I'm reading.  This ole' blogger is finally getting geared up so stay tuned!!

wall color: Sherwin William's Compatible Cream
bedding: *used* Pottery Barn
wall monogram: Etsy shop
most of the wall items came from antique/thrift stores
rug: Target
curtains: Pottery Barn and paisley fabric (Hobby Lobby)

replace twin bed with a queen-sized or full-sized bed

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