Five on Friday


A few weeks ago, the kids went to my mom and dad's for a Winter break.  It was more like Spring Break, but that's not for another week.  When our kids are gone, we text them pics of us playing in their room.  We sent them this pic of us laying on the top bunk and reading Ramona Quimby: Age 8
While the kids were away, we gave the porch a much needed make over.  We had cedar shutters made and installed, painted the front door, and painted the furniture on the porch.  It gave our house a nice and much needed update.  *Hoping to have the trim painted soon and possibly white wash the brick. 

This kid LOVES the trampoline...

My kids have issues...

a pic of AG and me



Do you use the YouVersion Bible App?  If so, let's connect.  For me, it's the easiest Bible app to learn and use.  I'm going through the ESV Study Bible in a Year plan.  Mostly, I read through the scriptures in my actual Bible, but I can monitor my progress using the app.

Recently, I discovered the option to make images with verses from my daily reading.  I love a good graphic!!!  

Here are some recents...
my blog verse and one of my favorites


burn baby burn

Last week, Edy was invited to a "Disco", rollerskating, birthday party. In case you were wondering, 1975 called and wants the rink back!  I promise you, the skating rink hasn't changed a bit since I was a kid and that includes every skating rink in the history of skating rinks!  They are all the same.  It's like jumping into a childhood time capsule.

I haven't been on skates in like 25 years and although I was a lot more cautious, I wasn't terrible!

Go skating with your family!  You'll have a blast!