Hey Everybody, It's Pool Time!

This past Christmas, the grands and aunts gave the girls a big 'ole swimming pool!  

Back in April, we had a little help from friends to get it ready for our excited crew.

The girls did the "polar bear plunge" and jumped in immediately after it filled up.  They were SO excited to try it out that they really, really thought they could power through the pain.  *Didn't happen*

If you keep up with the weather, you know that it has been raining like crazy in East Texas.  We are looking forward to hot, sunny days to enjoy our new pool.

I wrote this post a few weeks back and I wanted to add this:  This little 18ft, 4ft deep pool is basically  a gateway drug to bigger and better things!  We love the pool so much that we are certain we will eventually get a professional-grade above-ground pool.  It has been a blast for the whole family.

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