Living Room Changes

Did you catch the post about my mom and dad moving to the Philippines?  Click HERE to read more.

Since my parents are moving to the Philippines, they are selling everything.  EVERY. THING.  Long story short, my sis and I have been divvying up items that we'd like to keep.  

For starters, I got these awesome twins...

My parent's purchased these chairs in 1985.  To be 30+ years old, they are in great condition.

I've considered recovering them, but Graham loves the color green and the upholstery looks really good considering their age. 

My parents' couch is incredible!  I've always loved it.  I sold my couch and bought theirs.  It's over 7ft long and fits great in our enormous living room.

This stool. My daddy made it in Scouts and I had to have it!

I've been unpacking things, storing boxes for my parents, getting geared up for school, and cleaning like crazy!  Luckily, I've been able to fit in some pool time and family time.


  1. That couch looks amazing, good score. Again, i am so happy your parents are finally able to fulfil their dream!!

  2. Thanks, B! Sorry I haven't responded to all your encouraging comments. I have had issue seeing them and being notified of them. I am working on it! UGH...Technology can be a pain. But...anyway...thanks again. I am happy for them, too!

  3. That couch and little stool are my favorites! I've been finding homes for things from my grandmother's house around here lately, which has been fun also!

  4. Thanks, Mary Leigh. I love that stool so much!


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