My Love Language

About a month ago we were itching for a day trip. Graham googled "best places to go in Texas" and Jefferson popped up at the top of the list!  It's only a couple of hours from us so we hopped in the car and headed out.

I love, love, love me some junk, things from the past, and I'm pretty nostalgic, too.  Jefferson is MY KIND OF PLACE!!!

Check out this general store...

The girls got old-fashioned root beer floats and they were divine!

Basically, the whole town is nothing but antique and junk stores.  Have I mentioned that's my love language?? Fortunately, my husband likes walking around and looking at old stuff, too.  We make a good pair and can have a good time together just browsing the day away.  The kids weren't super enthusiastic and thought everything was old and from the 80s so we may go alone next time.

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