AG's Baptism

Y'all...My cup runneth over!  

About a year ago, my sweet AG couldn't sleep.  She had been wrestling with some serious stuff and it was obvious to us that she was deeply convicted about her sinfulness and her need of a Savior.  Since she was a very little girl, Graham and I have been teaching her the gospel.  Parenting has been tough, but it has shown us our desperate need of His grace.  We are so thankful that the Lord has chosen us, broken as we are, to teach and disciple three little girls.   

That night, Ava Grace was awakened to faith in Christ!

Over the past year, AG has been growing in Him.  She's had ups and downs.  Don't we all?  But she is moving forward spiritually and we are witnessing the Spirit's work on her heart.

A few weeks ago, AG made her allegiance to the King of Kings known.  She was baptized!

AG Baptism from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.
*poor quality video.

One proud daddy privileged to baptize his daughter and fellow follower of Christ Jesus!