IKEA saves the day

I've been wanting something functional by my back doors.  IKEA, you never cease to make me smile (cheap w/o looking it, and cute).


My new hobby...

I borrowed my dad's pressure washer and went to town on my deck.  Y'all, it's therapeutic!  

Mom had to try too!

I need to do it one more time and then possibly stain it and then seal it, but it's too hot right now.  Maybe later... ;)


Petit Jean, Arkansas

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Conway to visit family.  One of our favorite things to do is to drive up to Petit Jean and enjoy some good company, good food, and good views.


Fourth of July

It would've been nice if I had remembered to post our Fourth of July right after the Fourth of July. Didn't happen.

Better late than never....
We woke up to rain and some of our plans were delayed so we hopped in the car and drove down to Buc-ees...

Once the weather cleared, we came home and hung out in the pool and cooked out and had a blast hanging out with KK.

It wouldn't be the fourth without a family pic...

It wouldn't be the fourth without a walk down memory lane...

The day we were engaged:  July 4, 2002



A few weeks ago, we headed up to Conway to visit Na, Pops and Mamaw.  Per usual, we had a blast.  I have the best inlaws ever!  I enjoy going to AR even without Graham.
Na and girls...Finding Dory

Mamaw and girls

Funny story:  Edy asked Mamaw if she liked living in the "Old Lady Hotel" (nursing home).  I about died!  That girl.

While in Conway, I helped Na and Pops with a few home improvements.
Joy helped too...

It's good to go away for a week and it's definitely a treat to spend time in Conway with my family.


Living Room Changes

Did you catch the post about my mom and dad moving to the Philippines?  Click HERE to read more.

Since my parents are moving to the Philippines, they are selling everything.  EVERY. THING.  Long story short, my sis and I have been divvying up items that we'd like to keep.  

For starters, I got these awesome twins...

My parent's purchased these chairs in 1985.  To be 30+ years old, they are in great condition.

I've considered recovering them, but Graham loves the color green and the upholstery looks really good considering their age. 

My parents' couch is incredible!  I've always loved it.  I sold my couch and bought theirs.  It's over 7ft long and fits great in our enormous living room.

This stool. My daddy made it in Scouts and I had to have it!

I've been unpacking things, storing boxes for my parents, getting geared up for school, and cleaning like crazy!  Luckily, I've been able to fit in some pool time and family time.


Big News!

For 40+ years, Dad & Mom have faithfully served the local church. Over 26 years ago, they moved back to AR after getting semi-disappointing news that plans to move to the Philippines as missionaries wouldn't be possible. But now... in their old age ;) ... they are able and willing to go! Who needs retirement when there is still work to be done?? JESUS is better!

I'm overjoyed to witness these two honor God in their obedience! For Our Joy and His Glory!!!

 Dad and Mom in the Philippines early 90s

Mom and Dad eager to GO!

Please pray for my parents as they prepare for their relocation and ministry in the Philippines. 


Good to be Home.

This summer has been crazy FAST!  I've been traveling a lot, cleaning and purging the house, gearing up for CC, and preparing for the upcoming school year.  Fortunately, I am done with the traveling and I've had a few days to CHILL!  It's been nice.  The girls are loving the down-time, too.

Big news:  Graham is starting his doctorate.  Lots and lots of reading, writing, and studying happening around here. 

 JoJo and Edy playing iPad

My sweet AG is just one month away from turning NINE!

It's good to be home.


My Love Language

About a month ago we were itching for a day trip. Graham googled "best places to go in Texas" and Jefferson popped up at the top of the list!  It's only a couple of hours from us so we hopped in the car and headed out.

I love, love, love me some junk, things from the past, and I'm pretty nostalgic, too.  Jefferson is MY KIND OF PLACE!!!

Check out this general store...

The girls got old-fashioned root beer floats and they were divine!

Basically, the whole town is nothing but antique and junk stores.  Have I mentioned that's my love language?? Fortunately, my husband likes walking around and looking at old stuff, too.  We make a good pair and can have a good time together just browsing the day away.  The kids weren't super enthusiastic and thought everything was old and from the 80s so we may go alone next time.