My Big Girls

I took a few pictures of my girls before school started...er...back in August.

Better late than never...


Pumpkin Patch 2016

It's Fall Y'all!!!

Per usual, we headed out to Yesterland Farms to enjoy pumpkin patch fun and fall festivities!!!

This year, my mom and dad went with us.  We were tickled that they came because in just two short weeks they are moving to the Philippines as full time missionaries!  Read more on that HERE or check out their site HERE.

Gaga, Tat and the girls

Yesterland gets better and better each year!  This year, they had a candy cannon.  Those kiddos went crazy for the candy!

JoJo was screaming, "YEEEEE-HAAAAWWWW!"

pig racin'

Where's Tat?

We so crazy!  I raced Mom down the slide and won, but her landing was a sight!!!! #nailedit

Pumpkin Patch 2016

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