Five on Friday

Five on Friday, I've missed you.  Now is the perfect time to give 1,2,3,4,5 updates.

For starters--THIS WEATHER!  Y'all Texas weather has been crazy lately.  We've had 70ish days since the middle of January.  I wouldn't say I'm complaining, but I miss getting to enjoy the winter.

We love First Monday Trade Days in Canton.  For us, it's a family affair...

Edy picked out this $10 wedding dress for her newly engaged aunt! 
What do you think, KK?

huntin' treasures

We use our foyer for homeschooling.  I've found practical ways to store our stuff without it screaming, "WE HOMESCHOOL IN HERE!"  Most of our stuff is stored in my office, but some things I keep in a cabinet in the foyer.

The other day the door to the cabinet was open and I clipped it with my leg and ripped it right off the hinges.  I was so frustrated.  It was beyond repair.  Graham and I purchased the little cabinet for 99 bucks just after marrying and I loved it.

AG and I went furniture shopping for hours and hours one afternoon.  The very last place we stopped, I found this beautiful cabinet...


Yesterday, Graham and I celebrated 15 years since our first date!  We've never celebrated this anniversary before, but we thought it would be fun to go out and reminisce.  We talked about our first date and how there was so much unknown to us at the time, but how it was the beginning of something wonderful!

I remember my greatest fear was that I'd slip up and accidentally call him Grant.

I'll end with these cuties...

That's a wrap!  

Have a great weekend!


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