A Special Keepsake

I'm truly thankful for friends who've taken the time to love on a gal with a grieving and slowly mending heart. Through this storm, the prayers, sensitivity, and compassion of friends have challenged and convicted my heart to love others better.
Recently, a friend sent me a little keepsake to treasure. It's a simple reminder of our little one--Baby Hale 5 (Oct. 2016). I loved it so much that I purchased one for Baby Hale 3 (April 2011). I smile every time I look at them!

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  1. I stumbled on you blog and am so encouraged by what you share! I am sorry about your recent loss. My sister is going through the same thing. These are precious. Where ever can i find these? I would love to give her one to help her remember this precious life. Thanks for your humility and boldness. God bless.


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